Hiring the right employees…

Hire the best employees with Titan Staffing Network

Hiring the right employees is not an easy job. You must choose the candidates very carefully. Using the services of a temp agency or staffing agency is one of the best ways to recruit employees. However, not all agencies can choose employees that suit your needs.


Titan Staffing Network is one of the best temp and staffing agencies capable of hiring the best employees for you. This is a company that will do everything for you; starting from interviewing, testing, and transporting employees. Titan is made by considering aspects of employee appreciation and workplace safety.

Titan Staffing was established to provide the best for company and employees. Titan wants both parties to get the rights and carry out their obligations. Prospective employees will undergo a series of tests to ensure that each client will get employees who truly fit their needs. On the other hand, Titan will also do a number of things to ensure that companies that need employees are companies that really can provide appreciation and security for employees.

Some of our clients are high production warehouses. Production companies uses the services of temp agency and staffing agencies such as Titan to save time and costs. They assume that Titan Staffing Network is able to recommend employees who have good performance. Warehousing/Production companies really need workers who are able to work under pressure and are able to work with other employees. The performance of an employee will affect the entire distribution process so that warehousing companies need Titan to carry out the entire process of employee recruitment.


Titan’s clients are companies that need employees and want to do staffing in an effective and efficient way. The clients will register and follow all recruitment procedures set by Titan. Next, Titan will open job advertisements and staffing and recruiting. Titan will conduct a series of tests to ensure that prospective employees meet the requirements to work in a client company. The client will only provide criteria for employee acceptance and entrust the entire recruitment process to Titan.

Each applicant will go through several stages. Titan Network is very thorough in interviewing process. After passing the interview stage, applicants must go through a series of tests. One of the tests that must be passed by applicants is drug screening. Drug screening is done to find out the possibility of drug abuse in the work environment.

The company also only wants to hire employees with a clear background. Background checking is a test carried out by all companies when receiving new employees. This function is to find out the existence of criminal records, work experience, find out the cause of dismissal of work from the previous company (if any), or some other things that are personal. This is done so that the company knows who works for them. The company will certainly choose prospective employees with a good background. The whole processes are important in recruiting best employees.